SeaSense - Issue 4

SeaSense - Issue #4

Welcome to Issue 4 of SeaSense. As you will see, the team at MSI has been very busy supporting our principals in selling their products throughout Australia. Recent sales have broken records for both AXYS Technologies and MetOcean Data Systems as detailed below.

We also showcase the latest developments from RBR including WiFi connectivity and Twist Activation for your loggers as well as the latest "small but very powerful" tide and wave option from them to complement the tidal options offered in their portfolio.

And how do you test your Iridium device when away from your computer of in a remote location? We may just have the solution in a low cost, simple to use device from Joubeh Technologies.

More details of these and other news stories are posted on our website so please visit regularly for updates.

Record Quarter for AXYS in Australia 

MSI has recently placed orders with AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS), on behalf of some of its Australian customers, breaking records for any financial quarter in Australia to date.

These orders include the provision of a 3 Metre ODAS (Ocean Data Acquisition System) buoy complete with Subsurface Sentinel mooring for delivery in March 2014 to support a major oil field development.

For another client, MSI has ordered both a TRIAXYS Directional Wave and Current buoy and a WatchMate Current and Water Level buoy to support barge operations in a dredged channel experiencing strong cross-currents.

More details of each of these projects will be published in the near future.

Introducing RBR's WiFi Capability and Twist Activation 

MSI has recently delivered the first batch of WiFi and Twist Activation enabled data loggers from RBR. Why not unleash the power of your loggers?


RBR's loggers are now available with a WiFi module (includes Twist activation) that supports wireless communication between the logger and Ruskin on your iOS device, allowing you to schedule it, download it, view the data and even synch your data to your cloud. The main features include:

> More than 50m signal range
> Ruskin for iPhone and iPad available in the Apple App Store
> Optimized for CTD profiling
> WiFi twist activation
> Automatic power management - WiFi disabled when in the water
> Individual profile display in Ruskin for iOS

Twist activation

Grab the endcap of the instrument and rotate 90 degrees.  The logger vibrates to let you know it is now sampling.  The clear label makes the process intuitive,  and zero training is necessary for successful deployments.

The main features include:

> Clear ON and OFF labels
> Vibration feedback gives confidence everything is working, even through gloves or in noisy environments
> Only a sampling rate is needed to configure the instrument

We will be demo'ing these features at AOG (see below) or please contact us for more information.

Multi-year Contract Supplying iSLDMBs to the Australian Navy 

As exclusive Australian agents for MetOcean Data Systems (MetOcean), MSI is pleased to announce the award of a multi-year contract for the provision of Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoys (SLDMB) for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Speaking on behalf of MetOcean, Laura Squires commented “We welcome the opportunity to work with RAN and assist with its global Search and Rescue (SAR) initiative. MetOcean’s third-generation SLDMB, the iSLDMB, is a reliable and proven instrument utilized by all of the major coast guards and navies of the world,”

MetOcean developed the first-generation SLDMBs more than two decades ago. MetOcean SLDMBs continue to be utilized around the world by SAR Organizations, Oceanographic Institutes, Environmental Agencies, Navies, and Oil and Gas companies.

The iSLDMB is an A-Size Iridium SLDMB that has been extensively tested to meet the stringent requirements of the SAR community. The iSLDMB conforms to NATO specifications, is equipped with real-time, bi-directional Iridium satellite telemetry, making the iSLDMB a truly valuable SAR tool.

In addition to this contract, MetOcean also provides significant numbers of iSLDMBs to AMSA in Australia as reported in the last edition of SeaSense.

For additional information regarding any of MetOcean’s products, or any of the other products that we sell in Australia, please contact us.

How Do You Know Your Iridium Device Is Working? 

Testing your Iridium device to ensure data transmission when next to the internet is all well and good but what happens if you are away from the internet, such as on the back deck of a vessel in the Southern Ocean?

The iON Iridium signal detector is a low cost device used to detect radio frequency (RF) transmissions made by any Iridium L-band short burst satellite modem. The unit is a completely self-contained, handheld solution, featuring a visual indication of the detected transmission. The unit is powered by a standard rectangular 9V alkaline battery, which is accessible through a removable back panel.


> Internal replaceable 9v battery
> NEMA/IP rated enclosure
> LED visual indicators
> Single button operation

For more information or a quote for this low cost device, please contact us.

Next Generation Tide and Wave Loggers – Measure More / Measure Longer! 

RBR's loggers for measuring tide (with pressure averaging) and waves (with pressure bursts) are now available in a number of configurations. Here is a quick summary:-

The RBRsoloD|tide and RBRsoloD|wave are the latest single channel small submersible autonomous tide or wave loggers that are deployed in the water or on the sea bed.

With the ability to sample at up to 2Hz, store over 30 million readings internally and supported by sophisticated power management means that over 7 years of measurements are possible from a single battery. Add to this true USB speed and convenience for fast downloads, the RBRsolo is small but very powerful:

> Depth Range:20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 / 1,000m
> Depth Resolution: <0.001% full scale
> Depth Accuracy: ±0.05% full scale
> Depth Rating: <1,700m (depends on Sensor Selected)
> Waves Burst Rate: >1s, or 1 and 2Hz
> Waves Samples Per Burst: 512 to 32768

If you require faster sampling (up to 6Hz), increased connectivity (WiFi or cable), increased memory (optional 60 or 120 million measurements) or power, then the RBRvirtuoso range is better suited. If you need all this AND want to add another channel (e.g. temperature, turbidity, etc.), then the RBRduo should be chosen.

> Depth Resolution: <0.001% full scale
> Depth Accuracy: ±0.05% full scale
> Depth Range: 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 / 740m (Optional Titanium 1,000/2,000/6,000/10,000m)
> Tide Averaging: >1s, 1Hz to 6Hz
> Tide Averaging Duration: 1s to 24h
> Sampling Period: 1s to 24h
> Wave Samples Per Burst: 512 to 32,768 samples
> Wave Burst Rate: >1s, 1Hz to 6Hz

Options: Cabled, WiFi, Twist Activation, Increased Power  / Memory

For further details, please contact us

Come and Meet Us (and Chad) at AOG or Oceanology International 

If you are in Perth in February or London in March, come along and meet some of the team at MSI.

From 19th to 21st Feb. 2014, Sidney Bilski and Stefan Stimson will again be exhibiting (stand Q34) at the Australasian Oil & Gas show in Perth. Joining them this year will be Chad MacIsaac (pictured left) of AXYS who is making the trip over from SIdney in British Columbia. As well as premiering our bright new stand displays, we will have a range of products and brochures from AXYS, RBR, MetOcean and Joubeh Technologies to demo.

We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss your measurement requirements as MSI continues to expand both globally (40 countries and counting) and specifically within the Australasian region.

Looking further ahead, from the 11th to 13th March 2014, Sidney and Stefan will be joined by Bruce Spolander at Oceanology International in London - the premier event in Europe for our industry. Come along to our stand (J500) and discuss your project requirements or just have a catch up.


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