The core MSI portfolio of services include:

Current, Wave & Tide Data Collection

Tailor made solutions for the collection of current, wave and tidal data, along with the collection of water and sediment samples for lab analysis. This includes in-situ and real-time measurement systems and in both shallow and deep water environments <more info>

Meteorological Data Collection

Collection of the full complement of meteorological parameters, both onshore and offshore, for operational and design purposes <more info>

Integrated Systems, with Live Data Display

Customised integration of industry standard 'off the shelf' equipment as part of a larger metocean system. In addition to the sensor integration, inclusion of communications systems including radio (VHF or UHF), GSM or satellite (e.g. Iridium, Orbcomm, Argos) transmission systems allow for real-time data collection <more info>

Metocean Data Processing & Reporting

Data quality control, processing, analysis and reporting of data (either MSI or client collected) using Matlab-based suite of software, presenting results in any client determined format <more info>

Metocean Desktop Studies

Review of existing data in the form of a desktop study as a cost effective alternative or precursor to a physical measurement program <more info>

Marine Weather Forecasting

Provision of accurate site specific and tow route weather forecasts globally in support of offshore operations. Variables forecast typically include wind (speed and direction), air temperature, barometric pressure and waves (height, period and direction) <more info>

Oceanographic Product Sales

MSI has secured Australian representation for a number of carefully selected international manufacturers of market leading oceanographic equipment. Not only are these all industry leaders in the design and building of oceanographic equipment and monitoring platforms, MSI has extensive hands on experience with their equipment and hold large numbers in our own equipment pool <more info>